Exhibition, Aquam Fluminis
Exhibition, Homo Civilis

2016 Personal exhibition in Paris with large format drawings and paintings
2015 Exhibition, Vents dominants, CHU Estaing, Clermont-Ferrand
2014 Exhibition, Le signe d’une saison, La Rotonde, Vichy
Exhibition, Art Shopping, Carrousel du Louvre.
2013 Dual exhibition Corps d'Automne, Grevenmacher, Luxembourg
Creation of Entre Corail & Baobab, a 14 meter-long-mosaic wall made up of 36 000 tiles
2012 Public sale by auction of Allée 43quater on July 15th, by Mr. Bertrand Fraisse
2011 Exhibition Allée n°4, Maison de Mandrin, Brioude, France
Exhibition Allée n°8, Galerie AMAC, Chamalières, France
2010 Les Lycanthropes atelier opening
Publication of the fourth book, Allées (250 pages, 6 chapters), presenting all the past exhibitions
Exhibition, Allée n°1, Galerie Turlure, Le Havre, France
2009 Exhibition, Lui sous la pluie…, Galerie Turlure, Le Havre, France
Public sale by auction of Autoroutes jeudi d’automne on July 5th, by Mr. Frédéric Delobeau
2008 Exhibition, Galerie Etienne de Causans, rue de Seine, Paris, France
Exhibition, Le vent vient de la mer, Galerie Turlure, Le Havre, France
Exhibition, Aller-retour, Orcet, France
Exhibition, l’Art et les Mots, Clermont-Ferrand, France
2007 Publication of the third book, Le Vent vient de la Mer (150 pages), introducing all the paintings and their texts
Public sale by auction of Le Temps d’une Eternité on March 15th, by Mr. Aguttes
Exhibition, Toi, Moi, l’Ombre, Orcet, France
Exhibition, Embruns d’Ombres, Galerie Turlure, Le Havre, France
Exhibition, De Profundis, Champagne-Vigny, France
Exhibition, Mer Etale, Clermont-Ferrand, France
  2006 Exhibition, Buveur d’Ombres, Beaumont, France
Exhibition, Genres, Pascalis, Clermont-Ferrand, France
Exhibition, Shade of Light, Anvers, Belgium
Second Prize at the 1st Contemporary Art Biennial at the Château du Barroux
Referencing at the Monaco Modern Art Museum
  2005 Exhibition, Sawnsea Gallery, London, United Kingdom
Drouot Auction
Bronze medal at Eagle-art 2nd International Competition, United Kingdom
Bronze Medal at 3rd Halle aux toiles, Château du Barroux, France
Public sale by auction of Le Grenier à Sel on November 26th, by Mr. Jacques Desamais
  2004 Special Jury Prize at the 1st Avignon Painting Festival, France
Drouot quotation and entering in the Who’s Who of International Art
Exhibition, Espace Pierre Laporte, Clermont-Ferrand, France
  2003 Special Jury Prize at Regards d’artistes sur l’Auvergne, Clermont-Ferrand, France
Choice of using only three colors (red, black and white) on canvas
      Artistic tendency : Neo-Romanticism, Conceptual art
  2000 Publication of Sens, book marking the end of the Fire bucket series
      Artistic tendency : Dada, Neo-Romanticism, Conceptual art
  1998 Dieleman Gallery, Belgium
Installation using 120 kg (260 pounds) of flour and an extinguisher pallet
      Artistic tendency : Dada, Arte Povera
  1997 Salon de Mai, Paris
Publication of Vues à 24 heures d’ici, bookmarking the end of the Sink serie
      Artistic tendency : Dada, Arte Povera
  1996 Salon de Mai, Paris
      Artistic tendency : Conceptual art
  1995 Ephemeral installation (a few hours) in Billom, France
Choice of using firefighting equipment as a work medium
      Artistic tendency : Conceptual art
  1990 Graduation from Clermont-Ferrand’s Ecole des Beaux-arts, France
End of the Bowls series
      Artistic tendency : Conceptual art, Minimal art
  1965 Birth in Clermont-Ferrand